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does zyrtec make you sleepy Everything you need to know about does zyrtec make you sleepy, including common uses, side effects, interactions and risks.
2/17/2008 · Has anyone used ZYRTEC does Does Zyrtec Make You Sleepy it make you drowsy? ... im not sure if it made me sleepy.. cuz like i take the pill then i go ok im prolly guna get sleepy now, ...
5/20/2008 · Best Answer: I don't know about for a child. But i'm normally very sensitive to allergy medications and zyrtec doesn't seem to bother me. best of luck
... if anyone takes any meds that don't make you sleepy. ... Zyrtec is DEFINITELY NOT 'non drowsy' ... Does anybody remember Actifed?
8/21/2011 · Will zyrtec make you sleepy? ChaCha Answer: Zyrtec does have some side effects and drowsiness is one of them along with dry mouth, st...
10/18/2011 · Does the medication Zyrtec make you sleepy? ChaCha Answer: Yes Zyrtec can make you sleepy so please be careful while driving or using...
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Does Zyrtec Make You Sleepy

side effects that some of these people had does make ... My mother was the one who said "Hey do you think it could be from the Zyrtec you ...
Why Do Antihistamines Make You Tired?. ... How Long Does It Take for Seroquel to Make One Sleepy? Seroquel is an anti-psychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia and ...
[Archive] Does anyone take over-the-Zyrtec? Does it make you sleepy? Parents' Forum General Board
Does Zyrtec make you real sleepy? I was prescribed a store brand of Zyrtec for my boys. They are going to school and work and I want to know if the stuff makes you ...

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